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Rycan Retaining and Earthworks services the Brisbane Western Suburbs and Ipswich regions providing QBCC Licenced building of retaining walls and garden edging. We take care of it all; design, structural integrity, excavation and materials.

Retaining Services

There’s no doubt that Retaining Walls and Garden Edging looks amazing! Built with the right material by a knowledgeable and QBCC licenced professional it can also last decades despite being subjected to the elements day in, day out.

There are many things that need to go into building a retaining wall before the first shovel of dirt is even moved. Rycan Retaining and Earthworks take care of it all; design, structural integrity, excavation and materials.

Rycan has carried out excavation and minor building works for domestic and commercial clients throughout the Brisbane and Ipswich regions for over a decade. We are well versed in local council laws and requirements and will be able to advise you on what solution is best for you and your situation. Call Rycan Retaining and Earthworks for a free consultation and quote.

  • New Retaining Wall Design & Installation
  • Existing Retaining Wall Removal & Disposal
  • Timber Sleeper Retaining Wall
  • Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall
  • Sandstone Block / Boulder

Basic Retaining Wall Laws

  • Any retaining wall exceeding 1 metre in height must be approved by Council through a building application, have plans drafted by a qualified Engineer and be signed off by a qualified Certifier.
  • Boundary fences must not exceed 2 metre's in height unless you apply to Council and pay the relevant fees associated with applying for a 'Relaxation'. Should a boundary fence be on top of a retaining wall then the combined height of the two structures count towards the 2 metre limit.
  • All retaining walls must, by law, have a drainage system installed. This includes geo-fabric, slotted or socked agi-pipe and 20mm drainage gravel.
  • No retaining wall is to be built within 1.5 metres of an existing retaining wall, dwelling or pool unless the relevant Council approval is sort, plans are drafted by a qualified Engineer and a Certifier signs off on the completed structure..
  • When building a pier/ post retaining wall e.g. concrete sleeper with galvanised steel posts or timber sleeper wall the general rule of thumb is whatever is above the ground, meaning height, must be under ground. Example: The footings of a 1 metre high retaining wall must be a minimum of 1 metre in the ground. You must add a further 600mm to the footing depth should you have a 1.8 metre fence on top.

Knowing Your Rights and Responsibilities

Retaining walls are not classed as fences under the Neighbourhood Disputes Resolution Act 2011. Retaining walls are built to support built up or excavated earth. They are normally not a matter of joint responsibility for neighbours as they are usually benefit one neighbour more than the other.

The person responsible for maintaining the retaining wall is the person who benefits from it. It is common for just one owner to be responsible, but often it is a shared benefit therefore a shared responsibility. Contributions may not always be 50/50.

A boundary survey will assist in locating the structure and also the correct position for replacing it.

Education is key to ensuring the best legal outcome for all parties involved. Check out the following links for further information:

Legal Documents: Notice to neighbours
Form 1 - Notice to contribute for urgent fencing work.

Form 2 - Notice to contribute to fencing work.

Does Your Retaining Wall Require Council Approval?

Check out our comprehensive guide to navigating the laws and processes concerning retaining wall Engineering, Council Building Approval, and Certification in the Brisbane City Council and Ipswich City Council regions.

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Timber Retaining Walls

Timber is often the preferred material for landscaping purposes. Retaining walls in particular contribute significantly
to the surroundings when constructed from timber. The natural appeal and versatility of timber is ideal for
this application.

Although Concrete and stone are the longest lasting retaining wall materials, lasting 40 years or more, the price you pay may not be within everyone’s budget. A timber retaining wall, if made from the correct type of timber, is definitely the next best option with an average lifespan of 20 years.

Timber retaining walls can be built with timber posts, or galvanised steel posts, which will guarantee that your posts will be rot and termite resistant.

Rycan Retaining and Earthworks works with its customers and local suppliers to provide a custom quality service every time. Our workmanship guarantee relies heavily on the fact that we source our timber from only the best and most trusted timber mills and merchants within South East Queensland.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

Concrete Sleeper retaining walls offer a long-lasting durable alternative, that won’t split or warp. These factors are especially relevant in this scenario as retaining walls are exposed to soil and moisture for their entire lifespan and are paramount in preventing erosion.

Rycan Retaining and Earthworks works with its customers and local suppliers to provide a custom quality service every time. We never work with cheap imported materials and will only ever offer our customers the best locally manufactured materials suitable to their needs and budget.

All our concrete sleepers are reinforced with two N12 Reo steel bars for superior strength and engineered and designed for durability. So much so that our supplier offers a 50-year manufacturer's warranty.

In addition to their strength and long-lasting ability, concrete sleepers come in a range of colours and profiles to perfectly suit the Queensland lifestyle aesthetic.

Rycan Retaining & Earthworks - Stackstone Grafite Retaining Wall Karana Downs

Competitive Prices with NO 'Hidden Extras'

Our quotes are always competitive, comprehensive and easy to understand, so there are no ‘unpleasant surprises’ meaning you never end up paying more than you should.
B Grade Sandstone Block Retaining Wall with grass

Sandstone & Bush Rock Retaining Walls

Whether you require an architecturally designed sandstone or bush rock retaining wall or simply need a sandstone boulder wall built quickly on your property - the Rycan Retaining and Earthworks team can cater to your needs. 

Sandstone and bush rock retaining walls are what are known as gravity walls, generally requiring little to no concrete footings. This makes them perhaps the least impacted material by recent price rises across the construction industry.

Sandstone in particular comes in different grades, so if you are not going to see your wall we can get a cheaper product, but if it’s a high-quality finish you are after then A-grade sandstone is available. Sandstone retaining walls come in a variety of natural sandstone colours and due to their cut sides, they show off the natural tones and layers.

Using our heavy machinery, Rycan Retaining and Earthworks can build very large retaining walls in a very short amount of time and can create large-level areas quickly using this method. These retaining walls can be built when we have good access for machines up to about 3m wide. We also require space to tip off and store the rock material during the construction phase of the project.

Sloped blocks can be made level by cutting and filling the soil, and if necessary Rycan can supply large amounts of fill at competitive prices.

Rock retaining walls are a natural option that suits most styles of houses/landscaping and can be softened by planting and integrating plants in and around these walls.

Sandstone and rock boulder retaining walls are definitely the most cost-effective long-term solution when considering all materials available on the market today. Sourced from local quarries within our beautiful state of Queensland, sandstone and bush rock come in many shapes and sizes; are rot and termite resistant, and best of all have an infinite structural life expectancy. 

Our Retaining Works

tipping off sandstone blocks using a tipper truck on grass
We take care of it all; design, structural integrity, excavation and materials.

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